May 16, 2024
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NBL SuperCoach Tips and Tricks

Photo: Melbourne United (Twitter / X)

The 2023-2024 NBL season is only a few days away, and the introduction of the new NBL SuperCoach competition makes this upcoming season all the more exciting.

After a solid top 100 finish myself last season in NBL Fantasy, I thought it would be best to share my team and some further tips for all SuperCoach players.

Our NBL News Leagues

If you want to join our SuperCoach leagues, please see the codes below. Note that the two head-to-head leagues only have 20 spots, so get in ASAP:

Unlimited League code (Unlimited amount of people can join): 831120

Head-to-Head League 1 code (Max 20 spots): 206117

Head-to-Head League 2 code (Max 20 spots): 736129

My Team


Credit: Basketball Blokes

You can find their podcast on Spotify here, and their website here.

One of the most important things to note in SuperCoach, is to know which teams are playing twice each round.

The teams with the best schedule to start the season are Melbourne, Brisbane, and South East Melbourne who all play twice four times in the first six rounds. I would advise to get as many players as I can from those three teams.

Considering Cairns and New Zealand both have bye rounds soon, due to them playing against NBA teams, I would not aim to get many, if any, players from those clubs due to their lack of doubles in the first few rounds.

Illawarra is another team to be cautious of, with their limited number of doubles to start the season, but every other team that has not been mentioned has an even fixture in the first few rounds.

Best Value Players


Taran Armstrong (CNS, $69,000) – In his first year as a pro, Armstrong has already been given the duties of starting at Point Guard. The way he played at the blitz, there is no doubt he will average a huge number of assists, which certainly helps your SC score.

Matthew Dellavedova (MEL, $255,300) – After spending some time in the NBA last season and missing out on the Boomers squad, Delly looks ready for a massive season with Melbourne United. His performance at the blitz shows that his price will skyrocket in the coming weeks.

Isaac White (BNE, $88,500) – After a phenomenal season in the NBL1 North, White looks to be a prime candidate for Most Improved Player, which obviously means his price will increase soon time.


Jaylin Galloway (SYD, $123,600) – Galloway is another player who is expected to be in the hunt for Most Improved Player. His play at the blitz had multiple scouts excited about what his potential could be.

Tyler Cook (SEM, $277,000) – Even though the 2023 NBL Blitz MVP will likely be around for only a few more weeks, it seems a no-brainer to add him to your squad to start the season.

Josh Bannan (BNE, $69,000) – Bannan is one of the most exciting rookies this upcoming season, with him likely to start straight away in Round 1. No doubt his price will go up substantially soon.


Ariel Hukporti (MEL, $172,100) – With no JLA for the first month of action, Hukporti will certainly receive many minutes at the five spot to start the season.

Lachlan Olbrich (ILL, $69,000) – Lachlan Olbrich was the name everyone was talking about at the completion of the blitz. He seems a very likely candidate to win the Next Generation award.

Alex Sarr (PER, $115,000) – No doubt most people will have Sarr in their team to start the season, with the projected top ten pick, likely to get a lot of minutes for the Wildcats.

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