May 16, 2024
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Photo: Melbourne United (Twitter / X)

Written by Jackson MacDonald (@JMacDonald91 on Twitter/X)

No Comment Column – Round 8

At age 35, Chris Goulding is still the best shooter in the NBL, and probably in all of Australian basketball.

Melbourne United’s franchise face brought up 6,000 career points on the weekend against Sydney and is having his best shooting season possibly ever.

It’s his best three-point shooting season since 2016/17 where he shot 43% from beyond the arc on eight attempts per game, having 17.1 points per game.

So far this year he is jacking up 10.9 threes per game, a league-high, but what is more ridiculous than that is he’s making 40% of those shots and most of them have been heavily contested.

This comes with 18.7 points per game, which is the most for him since the Tigers transitioned into what we know now as Melbourne United (22.8 ppg in 13/14).

His 35 points last week was the most he had ever scored in a single game with Melbourne United, and is his second-highest since his 50-point game in 2014.

These numbers may bore you as they do me, but with Chris Goulding, you have to watch him live. He is box office. Running around off-ball screens, catch-and-shoot while moving, he makes it look easy.

When Vickerman needs a basket, he turns to Goulding.

The Paris Olympics is still an eternity away, but it’s looking like Brian Goorjian and the Boomers need to take him to the games.

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